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The Denial

You asked for a last hug

I didn’t said no

You asked for a last kiss

I always wanted more

You made me feeble

My legs would go cold

To last forever in your arms

I would give all you wish

I would surrender myself

Arms tight around my waist

You held me close to your heartbeat

That itself was a promise

To never separate

I stood firm on that promise

Even today…

To make it The Last as you say

Fists clenched, toes digging the ground

I hold myself straight

To look into your eyes and say NO

We had our last kiss

We had our last hug

The day you laid your eyes on another

I am not asking you why

I am gonna let you go

Coz, it will free me from your hold

I won’t love you now

It’s not that I never did

It’s just my denial to you.

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