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It’s ok to be alone!

Let the world rejoice and dance in their chaos

You create your own music. Your soul knows

Sing and dance to the tune of your own

Walk the roads alone. Make our own mark

People follow others. You can just pluck feathers

Sit idle on a rock. Watch skies dawn to dark

No one to watch and no one to speak to you.

It’s ok coz you are being you

Make love to a special one. Expect none in turn

Forgive from your heart. Keep no grudge

Why would you want to get hurt?

Let your heart bleed. Endure the pain

Its ok you will be new again

That’s the blessing you have

Change not the people but change your style

What are you? Not easy to describe

Words fail coz they will never understand

Always an unsolved mystery you will be

It’s ok, coz you know what’s inside

That’s your secret you love

You cherish it and wear it with pride

Preserve it with your soul. Lay it on no hands.

They will be feeble. Not able to withstand.

Shattered you will be by their deeds

But it’s ok; you know to change the beats

They will lie to you. Hide things from you

Listen to them while you know the truth

Fight your battles. Few will pay heed

There will be no one to fight your storm

It’s ok, for you are strong

Time will come when they will leave you

Trust no one. Have faith in self

Rely on truth and praise the lord

Find our goal and strengthen your core

Take on the hurdles with a smile

Just remember, it’s ok to be alone

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